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A Visit to Coastal and Ocean Management Institute,

Xiamen University

TIME:2020-11-11 13:27


On November 10, 2020, the Secretariat of 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee visited the Coastal and Ocean Management Institute (hereinafter referred to as COMI), Xiamen University, to exchange views on the management of floating marine debris, the prevention and treatment of micro plastics, etc. During the meeting, participants had a heated discussion focused on the development of overseas projects and foreign exchanges and cooperation. The Committee also reached an initial agreement on cooperation with COMI and expected to promote more extensive and in-depth collaborations with each other through this meeting.

About Coastal and Ocean Management Institute, Xiamen University

The Coastal and Ocean Management Institute (COMI) of Xiamen University is a research institute established in October 2005 by Xiamen University with the support of relevant international organizations and Xiamen Municipal People’s Government. It aims to develop emerging interdisciplinary subjects by establishing a platform for cross-sectoral research and integrating relevant teaching and research resources, to cultivate high-quality multidisciplinary expertise needed by the society, and to strengthen international and regional cooperation to provide decision support for the sustainable development of marine and coastal areas.