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Dhulikhel, Nepal

TIME:2021-09-17 17:36

Dhulikhel Municipality

Dhulikhel Municipality

Dhulikhel Municipality

Dhulikhel is a 500-year-old historical and cultural city in Nepal and a key link on the ancient trade route between Tibet and Nepal. Today, Dhulikhel is famous for tourism.

Dhulikhel is located in kavrepalanchok district at the eastern rim of Kathmandu Valley, south of the Himalayas at 1550m above sea level and is situated 30 km southeast of Kathmandu. The Araniko Highway passes by, connecting Kathmandu, Nepal's capital city, with Tibet's border town, Kodari. Dhulikhel covers an area of 54.62 km2 and has a population of 32,026. The campus of the Kathmandu University is also located in Dhulikhel. 

Dhulikhel is popular for its natural beauty and ancient traditions. The Himalayan ranges from the twin crest of Mt. Langtang in the west to the Mt. Everest in the east can be clearly viewed in a clear day More than 20 Himalayan peaks can be observed from different points of the city, including Mt. Annapurna (8,091m), Mt. Ganesh Himal (7,429m), Mt. Langtang (7,234m), Mt. Phuribichyachu (6,637m), Mt. Gaurishanker (7,134m) and Mt. Lhotse (8,516m). 

Dhulikhel was once known by the Buddhist name of Shrikhandapur and still has a few Buddhist stupas in memory of the old days. The Namo Buddha is three-hour hike from the town, and the place where the buddha is located has a nice mix of Buddhist flavor and old Hindu temples. Dhulikhel also has several ancient temples dedicated to various gods.