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Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities (FSLGA)

TIME:2020-10-20 13:53 Source: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee


  Sri Lanka


  Sri Lanka 

Driven by the passion of serving the people, the three independent associations constituted by the leaders of local authorities in Sri Lanka National Chapter of Mayors, United Urban Council Associations and All Island Pradeshiya Sabha Chairmen’s Association, established the Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities as the umbrella organization for the three association objectives.

The goals of FSLGA include:

- To co-ordinate a unified approach among local government authorities in Sri Lanka to resolve common issues and develop participatory governance for the well-being of citizens;

- To increase the voices and effective participation of councilors in local government planning, development and decision making within the framework of participatory democracy and an associative spirit;

- To strengthen the functioning and capacity of local government authorities, and facilitate cooperation among all tiers for effective service delivery and development at all levels;

- And other goals.