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Gunsan, Republic of Korea

TIME:2020-10-20 13:49 Source: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee


  Town Hall of Gunsan City, Republic of Korea


Gunsan, Republic of Korea


  Gunsan, Republic of Korea

Gunsan City, as part of Jeollabuk-do, is located on the western shore of the ROK. It covers an area of 376.37 square kilometers, with a population of 280 thousand. There is only a distance of about 30 minutes’ car ride from Gunsan to nearby cities. As one of the key ports on the Korean Peninsula, Gunsan features prosperous international sea trades. Gunsan is a major port for rice shipments, and is also a commercial center for the rice grown in the Geum basin. Gunsan’s main industries include fishing, agriculture, heavy industries (automobile manufacturers), rice processing and ship industries.

Originally a poor fishing village, Gunsan gained importance with the development of its port, which was opened to foreign trade in 1899. Just south of Gunsan is the newly opened Saemangum Seawall, the longest dyke in the world.