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Gwangyang, Republic of Korea

TIME:2020-12-08 08:51 Source: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee


Gwangyang, Republic of Korea

Gwangyang City is located in the southern end of South Korean peninsula, covering 462 square kilometers. It has four distinctive seasons, with annual average temperature of 15.4 oC. Major economic industries include steel and iron making, harbour affairs, logistics, sightseeing business, agricultural tourism and carbon fiber industry. As to the industrial structure, farming, forestry and fishery account for 12%, and the share for the manufacturing industry and the service industry are 32% and 56%, respectively. Gwangyang is advanced in industry and commerce, owning Gwangyang port, the second largest international port in South Korean, and Gwangyang branch plant of POSCO, the largest steel and iron making factory worldwide. Gwangyang city also has plenty of cultural scenery, and was the very place to hold the first congratulatory activity themed on flowers across the nation. At present, Gwangyang is making great efforts to create an ecological environment for high-end industries of the future, as well as a sound and happy city for children and women.