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Kabul-NLO, Afghanistan

TIME:2020-10-19 11:51 Source: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee





Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in central and western Asia, at the intersection of Central Asia, South Asia, and West Asia. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main pillars of Afghanistan's national economy. The population of agriculture and animal husbandry accounts for 80% of the total population of the country. Cultivated land is less than 10% of the total land area of the country. The main crops include wheat, cotton, sugar beets, dried fruits and various fruits. The main livestock products are fat-tailed sheep, cattle, goats, etc. Years of wars have caused the industrial base of Afghanistan to collapse. Light industry and handicraft are the main industries, mainly including textiles, fertilizers, cement, leather, carpets, electricity, sugar, metal manufacturing, agricultural products and fruit processing.