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County Government of Mombasa, Kenya

TIME:2020-10-19 11:17 Source: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee


 Mombasa, Kenya


  Mombasa, Kenya


  Mombasa, Kenya 

Mombasa is a coastal city of Kenya along the Indian Ocean. The city is known as the white and blue city in Kenya. It is the country's oldest and second-largest city, with a population of about 1,208,333 people according to the 2019 census. As the most important port of its nation, Mombasa connects the world by sea transportation. Also, Mombasa marks the terminal of Uganda-Kenya railway. Its industries include oil refining, ship amendment, machine maintenance, textile, cement production, metal process and food etc. It is one of the places of origin for wooden carving in East Africa as well. Famous scenic spots are Tsavo National Park, Fort Jesus and others.