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Quanzhou, China

TIME:2020-10-17 17:57 Source: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee


  Nanyin is listed in the intangible cultural heritage list of mankind by UNESCO(Shot by Chen Yingjie)


  Traditional manufacturing industry accelerates intelligent transformation and upgrading(Shot by Chen Yingjie)


  Quanzhou,China(Shot by Chen Yingjie)


  Shihu wharf and Liusheng Pagoda in Quanzhou Port(Shot by Chen Yingjie)


  New appearance of both sides of Jinjiang River in Quanzhou(Shot by Chen Yingjie)

Quanzhou is one of the three major central cities in Fujian Province, with a land area and sea area of 11,000 square kilometers respectively and a resident population of 8.74 million. With a deep-rooted culture, Quanzhou is an important starting point of the ancient “Maritime Silk Road”, one of the first 24 historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council, the core area of the Minnan Cultural and Ecological Reserve, and the first “East Asian Cultural Capital”.

Quanzhou is an economically active city of which the total economic output accounted for nearly 1/4 of Fujian Province, ranking first in Fujian Province for 21 consecutive years and 18th among all cities in China. The city plays an important role in the construction of the country's “the Core Area of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road in Fujian Province”. The Secretariat of Maritime-Continental Silk Road Cities Alliance Business Council is located in Quanzhou.