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Putian, China

TIME:2020-12-08 09:58 Source: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee


  Putian City (Shot by Cai Hao)


  Meizhou Island, Putian (Shot by Cai Hao)


  Meizhou Island, Putian (Shot by Cai Hao)

Located in the central part of Fujian Coast, Putian is surrounded by mountains and seas, covering 4,200 square meters of land area and 11,000 square meters of water area. As the birthplace of Mazu—a Chinese sea goddess, the city boasts a unique Mazu culture with more than 0.3 billion followers around the world, serving as a spiritual bond that connects people along the 21st-Century Silk Maritime Road. Putian has a sound infrastructure with three railways and four highways, as well as three international airports within one hour and a half’s drive’s radius. Also, Putian enjoys an ideal living environment with its forest coverage rate reaching 60.05%. Businessmen in Putian are so powerful that nearly 2.2 million people are engaged in business outside of Putian, including 1.5 million working abroad in 85 countries and regions, occupying a market share of more than 50% in several industries of China.