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Koszalin, Poland

TIME:2020-10-19 10:37 Source: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee


  City emblem of Koszalin, Poland


  Koszalin, Poland


  Koszalin, Poland

Situated in northwestern Poland, Koszalin is the capital of Koszalin County of West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Its industries include metal production, textile manufacture, building materials and paper making etc. The forestry area in Koszalin is quite large, with around 40% covered by vegetation. The eight major public parks in urban districts also provide citizens entertainment space. Koszalin is rich in cultural landscape featuring thick historical atmosphere, eye-catching architecture heritage and abundant museums. For instance, St. Mary's cathedral, the most famous landmark in the city, dates back to earlier times in the 14th century.