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Mr. Peter Woods

TIME:2020-12-28 16:16


Mr. Peter Woods, Ambassador for UCLG ASPAC, was born in New Zealand before migrating to Australia in 1967 and continuing his academic studies. He has dual citizenship. With degrees in Sociology and Education, he was an elected Councilor for over 26 years, 10 years of which he was Mayor. He has also served as President of the Local Government Association of New South Wales for 12 years and President and Board Member for over 14 years of the Australian Local Government Association and Board Member of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum for 10 years. For nine years he was the Executive Vice President and President of the International Union of Local Authorities (Asia Pacific) and World Vice President of IULA. He was appointed Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (Asia Pacific) following his political retirement in 2004 and served until December 2010 when he was appointed as Ambassador for UCLG ASPAC.