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Fuzhou Participated in the Seventh "One Belt, One Road"

Sino-Germany Economic Dialogue

TIME:2020-12-01 15:09

The 7th “One Belt, One Road” Sino-Germany dialogue on economic cooperation was held virtually from November 24 to December 1, 2020. Rudolf Scharping, former German minister of defense and chairman of the board of Rudolf Schalping Strategic Consulting Co., chaired the meeting.

At the invitation of Economic Liaison Center of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wu Xiaojie, Director of Fuzhou Foreign Affairs Office, attended the meeting and delivered a speech entitled “Building a New Highland for the Development of Digital Economy” at the sub-forum “Financial Opening up and Digital Innovation”, introducing the development advantages of Fuzhou’s digital economy from four aspects, namely, digital industry cluster development, industry upgrading, booming emerging areas, and the increasingly mature industrial ecosystem. He warmly invited Germany and domestic partners from all walks of life to visit Fuzhou to seek cooperation opportunities.

The Sino-Germany economic dialogue was sponsored by Rudolf Schalping Strategic Consulting Co., Ltd. and China Economic Liaison Center to facilitate cooperation between China and Germany in constructing the Belt and Road to achieve win-win results. The week-long dialogue focused on topics including China-Germany relations in the post-epidemic era, financial development and digital economy, science and technology, environmental protection and clean energy, higher vocational education cooperation, etc.