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21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee International Workshop on Juncao Technology 2024 Closed Successfully

TIME:2024-05-27 17:33


"Beyond learning technology and making friends, this workshop on Juncao technology has also broadened my horizons and increased my knowledge." 

 "Will there be another event like this next year? Be sure to send us an invitation." 

"I will bring the beauty and friendliness of Fuzhou back to the South Pacific" 



On the afternoon of May 27th, the atmosphere was lively in the venue of the National Engineering Research Center of Juncao Technology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University(FAFU). 22 representatives from 12 countries, including member representatives of the 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee and friends from South Pacific countries, were reluctant to part and said goodbye to each other. 

On May 16th, the Workshop kicked off in Fuzhou. The event was sponsored by the 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee and organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of Fuzhou Municipal People's Government and the National Juncao Engineering Research Center of Juncao Technology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU). It aims to promote Juncao technology among the members of the Committee and South Pacific countries by introducing basic knowledge of edible and medicinal mushrooms, Juncao cultivation and management, discussing the wide application of Juncao technology in food security, ecological governance, clean energy, etc., and sharing the achievements of Fuzhou's sustainable agricultural development. The workshop will deepen cooperation among member cities in the field of green development, make Juncao technology benefit more countries and people, and further enhance the international popularity and influence of the Committee and Fuzhou. 



Based on the characteristics of member cities of the Committee and the South Pacific countries, the National Engineering Research Center of Juncao Technology specially designed a teaching plan for the Workshop, including 11 condensed professional lectures, covering cultivation of pleurotus ostreatus with Juncao technology, cultivation of lentinus edodes with Juncao technology, application of Juncao technology in ecological conservation, Juncao technology international cooperation and sustainable development, etc.. During this event, 3 on-site teaching activities were conducted on the cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms with Juncao technology (mixing, bagging and sterilization), cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms with Juncao technology (inoculation), and Juncao edible mushroom cooking. 



"According to UN guidelines, knowledge sharing is one of the major key factors in achieving the UN's sustainable goals. Moreover, they are recommending that tested and proven knowledge and experience sharing is the most effective way for knowledge sharing." Sri Lankans regard local Juncao varieties as invasive plants and try to remove them, said Ajantha Maninnalage, Municipal Commissioner and Acting Mayor of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. "Now we know how valuable the plants we are trying to eradicate or destroy from our lands." 



"Science knows no boarders and mankind shares a common destiny." Krishna Neupane, Treasurer and Consultant of Institute of Local Governance Studies, Kathmandu, Nepal, said that as a bridge to hope and a platform of ecological cooperation, development and friendship, the road of Juncao technology is extending and the legendary story of this technology is going on and on uniting with the spirit of global cooperation. 



During the practice session, the representatives had a great time, either communicating with each other or asking questions enthusiastically, and carefully recorded their feelings of learning. "The advancements in Juncao technology present an unique opportunity for sustainable development. By leveraging this technology, we can address food security, promote environmental sustainability, and create new economic opportunities for our people. I am eager to work with my colleagues and stakeholders in the Maldives to implement what I have learned here." said Ibrahim Abubakuru, Councilor of Male City, Maldives. 



In order to broaden the representatives' horizons and enrich their learning experience, the Committee also organized them to visit the Demonstration Base of Juncao Industry for Rural Revitalization in Shunchang County and Demonstration Base of Juncao Wind Prevention and Sand Fixation and other companies and plants. Moreover,they also visited Three Lanes and Seven Alleys Historic District, Yantaishan Historic District, Shangxiahang Historic and Cultural District, Guling Tourist Resort, appreciating the culture of Fuzhou, city of blessings. 



"The learning efficiency these days is very high! I am very impressed by the warmth and friendliness of the people of Fuzhou. Fuzhou's many experiences in promoting sustainable development are worth learning." Anwar Hussain, CEO of the Pakistan Association for Development of Local Governance (ADLG), said, "Juncao technology is a great contribution made by the Chinese people to the world and an important technology to ensure global food security. After returning home, we must immediately start to spread those knowledge and skills to our farmers." 



"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together". The 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee aims to promote close exchanges and practical cooperation among its members through a series of events, so that Juncao can become a "Grass of Happiness" that benefits the world. Wu Xiaojie, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Committee and Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, said that he sincerely hopes that all the participants can take the knowledge and experience they learned during this event back to their own countries and regions, and contribute to the promotion of local agricultural development. He also mentioned, "It is my hope that you can introduce Fuzhou and the 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee to the people, government agencies and enterprises of your countries, further deepen our exchanges and cooperation, complement each other's advantages and achieve win-win cooperation." 



Source: 21CMCC